If you’re looking for a high-traffic and low life-cycle flooring option, carpet tile may be just what you need. Available in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles, carpet tile can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their beauty for decades. Bee Pee Sales is the premier source for flooring, including high-quality carpet tile.

Carpet Tile Benefits
Carpet tile in a commercial application has many benefits including: style, ease of maintenance, ease of installation, and low life-cycle costs. Modular carpet tiles (or “carpet squares”) normally consist of bonded carpet cut in squares and typically come in one size: 18 x l8 inches. Varying thickness and patterns are available, as well as hundreds of different colors.

Carpet tile is a fashionable product that adds warmth to any commercial facility, ultimately reducing an institutional feel. Borders and accents can easily be specified to define different areas of interior space.

Modular carpet’s ease of maintenance, installation, and replacement add up to low life-cycle costs. Modular carpet tiles are also very rugged and handle well in high-traffic areas. Modular carpet tile is produced with a substantial backing, which serves as a cushion that absorbs the wear of the face fibers and prevents their premature loss. Another factor is less waste.

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