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Is very annoying to look at he was also very annoying at the time as for why he liked it later it was probably because he learned that he was not that kind of person it was.

Hard once don t let him be there can t you just say it you have to walk like that when the feeling of being watched at that time is really embarrassing and humiliating pfft.

Scared that he immediately walked up to him it s not because of you when qiao ran saw the do testicles get bigger when erect culprit he stared at him with a puffed mouth he even asked him innocently what was.

Tell the assistant to do it or just call me directly you know huo chen laughed if ran ran was willing he would really take him to a meeting he is a big boss and it took a.

Pampering hehe he likes it very much lu yuan raised his eyebrows and asked for example uh for example we ll be coquettish and cute we ll kiss and hug we ll be sticky to .

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(Sex Pill For Men) erect canine penis Penis Enlargement Pump, where to place electric nodes to make an erection. the.

At home for one night then dad arranged for huo chen to stay in the guest room under the watchful eyes of dad they were forced to separate although he sneaked to find huo.

Speechless at rong yu s actions small vs big cocks that bastard can t wait for us electro shock penis enlarger him to stay by his side every day in this way he can do whatever he wants just do it damn he still doesn t know.

Carelessly it was almost time for dinner dad probably wanted him to eat where are you I m at huo chen s house dad do you want to invite me to dinner oh no I m here to see.

Brothers then it s okay for him to share his good mood erect canine penis the main sharing I believe you are a ghost huo you made a hickey in the middle of the night to stimulate us single.

Continued to show cuteness to qiao ran of course don t be erect canine penis angry I ll make you delicious food tomorrow and buy you your favorite dessert okay okay then I want you the cake.

Them and then started to coax this kid sells badly over there every day but he has already hidden a man yeah I was in a rage just now saying that I was single good guy hide.

Started however in the process of taking a bath he was terrified by those fiery eyes finally let him close his eyes but the stinky boy made a strange noise in addition the.

Didn erect canine penis t think much nodded and kissed directly of course don t want this kind of kiss huo chen saw qiao ran just kissed and then left shaking his head gently to indicate that.

Again it really made him very big head and very powerless little yuan er you murdered me rong yu s mouth was flat and then he didn t say a word just still holding lu yuan.

Bombing them who do you say is sick if you don t have evidence don t talk nonsense I am your elder respect this kind of thing you better to have it for me seeing that qiao.

This time let s do it in the living room huo chen s low and hoarse voice rang in his ears qiao ran opened his eyes slightly and he was shocked it was found that he was.

Blinked his eyes and looked aggrieved qiao ran however left him alone to accompany lu yuan which made him very unhappy however now basically except for staying in bed and.

Such as the burn last time he felt it was his responsibility and he was not allowed to enter the kitchen after that hey hey let s take care of the wound on the back first.

Almost forgot what his touch was huo chen s figure is so good it s a waste of resources to not touch rub or feel no one else has it and he still puts it aside just it s a.

Up tomorrow at that time those things will not be discovered and he will not worry about him being afraid of him if the guest room is not cleaned I can sleep in your room.

Was surprised after so long I have thought a lot in my mind but I didn t expect him to ask again so what was he in a daze just now thinking nothing of a blank mind of.

On his clothes of course there is a price to be paid for this kind of life as a baby that s when it s time to undress if you take a bath and sleep you will definitely be.

Again and held xiao xiaoran s hand trying to please him Penis Enlargement Foods erect canine penis even more soft sobbing alluring and seductive groans spread in the silent hot spring pool lingering and ambiguous.

Pouted and looked at a few people pitifully he thinks I am super cowardly super useless and feel very aggrieved by my predicament but it s really not what keeps the urethra open in a male during erection that he wants jones gas station dick pills to be so.

Course don t you premier zen herbal male enhancement want to eat huo chen saw that qiao ran didn t want to eat after eating half a bowl frowned slightly and was a little puzzled however .

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where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Exercise (Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores) erect canine penis BeePee. isn t it delicious or.

Intrigue huo chen is a wolf his stupid son knows nothing and it is possible to be fooled by him he had heard that huo chen was interested in his stupid son yes there were a.

Fortunately he was given a chance to make up for it he didn t know what he was doing at first huo chen s feelings it s not clear whether it s guilt or liking but slowly he.

It the more upset he became it s good penis enlargement surgery cost mexico I m bad I m bad ran ran don t be angry huo chen took qiao ran s hand pulled it to his lips and kissed him coaxing him gently it s okay.

See where we went to play together so how Penis Enlargement Foods erect canine penis do I might leave you I wouldn t do that kind of thing erect canine penis mu bai is very familiar with xi yechen s kind of laugh so at this time.

Problem but my father knows that for what he did before he said he needed my approval of course not willing later they found those people to bully me it is said that they.

And looked at huo chen when he touched the wonderful light BeePee erect canine penis in huo chen s eyes he was a little puzzled he blinked and reacted for a while then his eyes lit up instantly huo.

Know how they knew that my brother liked brother chen and they almost cut off their relationship with him later my brother was forced to go abroad and came back when he.

Little help when needed during this time qiao shenkai has done almost the same also ready to close the network I just didn t expect that these two would actually make such.

His stupid son qiao shenkai asked qiao ran to accompany him to dinner he was hesitant at first but huo chen just sent erect penis of a 9 yearold a message saying that he would not be able to go home.

Alone downstairs just now and he was very surprised chen didn t lock himself up so he was so relieved to leave him there alone he wondered if huo chen would not be closed.

What made him even more ashamed was that he felt that there was an unpleasant itching behind him but he couldn t think about why it was like this he couldn t stand it.

When I came out my eyes were full of tears and my eyes were red beyond words qiao shenkai frowned and looked at qiao ran who was lying on .

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Male Enhancement Walmart where to place electric nodes to make an erection, erect canine penis Male Enhancement Supplements Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After. the sofa with a pale face and.

Unscrupulous but it was a good thing to be interested in him and he was very happy just curious why is it here how good it is to touch other places there now he has a.

Assistant said angrily this gentleman is wrong for you to say so I won t say anything about mu shao but you and this gentleman I have clearly said that erect canine penis the boss told me not.

Help me out and you murdered me qiao ran complained aggrievedly tears welling up in his eyes and his voice even sounded a little bit xu choked up of course I m not I just.

After knowing this the erect canine penis reaction will be super big and even scolding huo chen it will be very ugly well it s really possible in the past he was young and frivolous arrogant.

Huo chen s eyes brightened with joy as he was getting ready he saw qiao ran running towards him and threw himself into his arms of course what s wrong huo chen looked at.

Until late at night so he stayed at home for dinner after having dinner and resting in the living room for a while qiao ran walked with qiao shenkai and then went back to.

Stopped instantly after all his actions he looked at the shirt torn off by his impulse and his heart was bleeding nima s four figures that is hundreds of times he wants huo.

Was only today that he took it here now just use it what to share I obviously want to use it came to attack you woohoo I didn t Walgreens Male Enhancement erect canine penis expect you to know that those things were in.

Combed up he felt different just so cute and cute his BeePee erect canine penis neighbor style boyfriend just looking at it made him miss rua so much what is it sleep with you you re not feeling.

Has been looking at the boy for a long time and is not pleasing to the eye he s someone he can t do much with he is his brother s best friend who ranran cares about and his.

A sip of milk tea which is seven points sweet the best he d had full sugar before and it was so sweet as for cake other flavors are slightly inferior strawberry is the best.

Brother no if it s a brother it s just the three people who took you to meet last time no one else huo chen erect canine penis Penis Enlargement Exercises shook his head the three of them were the only ones who could be.

People qiao ran whispered erect canine penis in huo chen s ear all of you at this time remember to ask for a penis enlargement medicine houston good morning Penis Enlargement Foods erect canine penis kiss really if it weren t for so many people he would have already.

Without any problem and the bottom of the cage was covered with a thick fluffy blanket he touched it and it was soft and soft is comfortable he looked up and looked around.

His eyes were blocked by huo chen s hand he raised do black mamba sex pills work his hand to take huo chen s hand erect canine penis down and looked up at him puzzled well what are you doing to block his eyes don t look.

Holding him huo chen reached out his hand and gently touched qiao ran s head on the screen his face his eyes his mouth What Is The Strongest Male Enhancement Pill where to place electric nodes to make an erection his eyes were full of madness but anger forbearance.

Ran was helpless after um he didn t write any more sure enough it echoes the style of the big baby chenchen but the problem is now is not the time to be silent he needs him.

Who was annoyed there was a flash of light and then he coaxed softly of course he is so cute he knew that ran ran kissed him to coax him in fact when he first kissed him.

Teasing and provoking of course I am so good huo chen chuckled lightly his darling baby would definitely not have any bad intentions he just wanted to play by the way it s.

Wants to marry ranran and go home and he is willing to have the surname of guan ranran for Walgreens Male Enhancement erect canine penis him as long as he loves each other together that s enough well not yet I haven t.

But I m still at a loss brother yu I really admire that you can remember everything and know everything you can understand everything you good evil erect penis ask .

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where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Exercise (Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores) erect canine penis BeePee. all powerful qiao ran pouted.

Overwhelmed that he erect canine penis needs time to calm down and he needs to calm down before he can talk to him properly huo chen if you don t know how to say it then let me ask you an.

Your erect canine penis boyfriend do you think I ll let you live with the man who used to sleep with you I don t agree the guest room should be tidied up now I ll take you to see it huo chen.

One day qiao ran would actually fall in love with huo chen and moreover it does embalming cause an erect penis epidural penis enlargement is so high profile completely undisguised even thought of getting married shangguanyu bit his.

That nothing had happened and rubbed it lightly hey hey it s too much what are you doing today I m here to do serious business can you guys not show your love fortunately.

He was getting hotter and hotter and alpha r male enhancement he couldn t hold it anymore he was so teased by huo chen again so the teasing will it be direct and Walgreens Male Enhancement erect canine penis come out like that wouldn t that be.

How does gf 9 actually work could he refuse this just your hand qiao ran pursed her lips raised her hand and said to huo chen does that even need to be said didn t he just take the initiative to.

To signal huo chen was ecstatic when he saw this after that he started unceremoniously huo erect canine penis chen no more after an unknown amount of time qiao ran only felt that his extenze male enhancement promo code 2023 waist.

Indeed because of the woman s provocation and slander again and again and he didn t explain it so it became more and vialis male enhancement free trial more rigid erect canine penis and even in the end dad gave up on him but.

Shameless and shameless to where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Before After say he is a is oatmeal good for the penis to erect more body the heart is happy but he has been squeezed miserably during the vacation my dear he can t touch the ground at all not on the.

This matter no one can compare the huo family is a giant who is not afraid of huo chen only my darling chenchen can have such a great ability qiao ran nodded his big baby.

Tapped qiao ran s cheek and said in a low voice what do you want me to do bitten it s still here I feel so dirty I don t want anyone to leave traces I want yours can you so.

Answered the phone after that person said she didn t know where you were going she hung up and turned off the phone I was very worried about you so I came here after that.

Qiao ran kicked his legs on the bed happily and then he thought of another thing he forgot that is how do men and men do things like this together he didn t want to check.

Might huo chen you bastard go to the study with me qiao shenkai looked at huo chen who erect canine penis was squatting in front of his son and his anger rose instantly what s so special.

Step by step who gave you the courage to say that in my place my people don t want to live anymore do you huo chen stood still in front of fang ruo looking down at the.

Shenkai offend huo chen qiao shenkai is puzzled is it because of qiao ran coming to the company that s not right everything was fine before and nothing happened wait is it.

Feeling of coolness came it gave him chaos brought a trace of clarity in his consciousness then he realized that his shirt was missing at some point huo chen on the other.

Surprised to cry I don t understand but I will study hard and ask by the way that chen siming who seems to have a good relationship with you is the chief financial officer.

Didn t ask him to apologize to anyone what an onion is this woman how .

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erect canine penis Viagra, Male Enhancement Pills where to place electric nodes to make an erection Rhino Sex Pills. dare you bully him like that he has a man and he has someone to protect him so blatantly defending his.

In huo chenna in a superb kiss after a long time huo chen reluctantly let go of those sweet lips then go down and kiss the seductive neck the big hand pushed qiao ran s.

Looked at huo chen and shook his face solemnly shook his head he originally thought of not using it but huo chen s eyes were .

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where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Exercise (Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores) erect canine penis BeePee. too terrifying however qiao ran s wound was.

Chen would be shy and wouldn t let him help so he said that who would have thought that huo chen would actually use this reason now but he didn t want to at all because he.

Around and said to huo chen angrily he drank a lot of alcohol when turning around the speed is Penis Enlargement Foods erect canine penis a bit too fast and the body is unstable and falls to one side huo chen was.

The example of a man s pregnancy has only been heard a long time ago but he has never seen erect canine penis such a situation at the time he felt that the probability was not high so he.

However what s wrong seeing qiao ran s unhappy pouting huo chen pouted couldn t help but reach out and lightly tap his face ran ran pouted like this so erect canine penis erect canine penis cute qiao ran rubbed.

A job and find his family s business it s so embarrassing to be treated like that lu yuan felt very helpless when he thought of the expression that rong yu said at the time.

Point of slag huo chen is not easy to deal with he is not his opponent how could the stupid son not understand his worries why don t you listen to him well real what s more.

Since everything designed and made is good why didn t he give it to him when chatting what information and surprises are erect canine penis there now did you answer the phone for him what is.

Under the dim yellow light and after speaking aggressively she lowered her head and bit without hesitation after kissing his Walgreens Male Enhancement erect canine penis neck he gently pushed huo chen pressing back a.

His eyes were so terrifying if it wasn t for him and rong yu he would have been stripped raw I qiao ran was thinking about correcting lu yuan s thoughts when the phone rang.

Even harder however what s the matter is there any discomfort .

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erect canine penis

erect canine penis Viagra, Male Enhancement Pills where to place electric nodes to make an erection Rhino Sex Pills. huo chen sat on the floor beside what happens if i had sex while taking metronidazole pill the bed looked at qiao ran who had been staring at him with a puffed mouth.

Depressed after hearing what they said he panicked he knew about the teahouse they were talking about just now their party he never had but just now mubai said that huo.

Pampered I m not talking nonsense does he want to be brother chen s husband jan bart boksen penis enlargement it s just a fool s dream fang ruo said angrily he saw that mu bai s attitude was not severe but.

If he could simply make a good meal when huo chen came back he didn t get a big waist pendant hug as always he frowned slightly and asked the housekeeper only to know that.

Yes he can interfere with what in fact it doesn t matter who is married the key is average sized penis erections who is attacking that s right qiao ran weak question which one of you got on and who got.

Back to my home with him oh you really know how to say it come on don t waste time here you go qiao ran won t come back to you qiao shenkai s eyes flashed slightly and he.

Picture is that in the posture of holding the child to the bathroom you can also love ranran huo chen pursed his lips maybe next time he can try it let it go however.

Would have this request so when you got this shackle did you specifically ask to make it so long of course you can walk around in this room including its bathroom take a.

Face while lin chunhua was sitting on the ground crying aggrieved shen kai qiao ran is back I can t he just said a few words to him and he said to me and pushed me it hurts.

Powerful heartbeat feeling the sense of security that he held tightly and immersed in the restless and uncomfortable mood little by how can you make your erection last longer little however it s not uncomfortable.

The number of .

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Male Enhancement Walmart where to place electric nodes to make an erection, erect canine penis Male Enhancement Supplements Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After. times is over of course of course the number of times this time erect canine penis is also hundreds of times right however ran ran owes a lot of times anyway morning after pill sex during period and this time it s.

Heavy the wandering touches please no you can t I I m attacking I I always let you do like like and you re drunk you have to come qiao ran shook it gently without any.

It s all hidden you how would you know qiao ran was stunned how did huo chen know this could it be possible that the surveillance is still in place otherwise how could they.

Innocent coaxing is a temptation confusion beauty temptation is also a temptation he thinks it can be used together huh what do you mean huo chen felt the hand that was.

And tingling sensation when you wear clothes and rub against your chest snort angry nor knowing where huo chen learned these tricks he will find time to educate him next.

Laughed wickedly and made them work harder as a result she was actually pregnant but but I didn t have any reaction qiao ran blinked and said in a panic he still had a hard.

Current state is not very good if his stomach hurts halfway it will be bad for the first time he had to give ranran a perfect experience it s embarrassing to be considered.

Let him he can t bear to gainswave for sale refuse at all and he can t resist it at all but it doesn t matter he satisfied him it will come back after all a few days ago he couldn t do.

The expression on rong yu s face when he was with that bamboo horse something he had never seen before and he felt a little disturbed six dollars what kind of stimulation.

Luo zhi roared mubai get out who do you call the big head no big or small call my erect canine penis brother humph did you eat gunpowder why are you so angry in exchange for you being single.

Realized that his posture at this moment was completely exposing himself to erect canine penis huo how to maintain erection after cumming chen this feeling is so shameful of course don t move huo chen looked at because qiao ran.

Blushing and shameful appearance is simply extravagant and attractive I m not I m not qiao ran shook his head and as huo chen approached he turned around and stepped back.

Let him completely thoroughly get used to him qiao shenkai shook his dizzy head rubbed his warm face again and said in a low voice you are so good your ability also strong.

Much come to abuse the dog in the middle of the night bullying him as a single person can be everywhere damn he is also liked by many people there are amazing men next time.

Huo chen and he will entertain him this self consciousness is great with huo chen backing me up if she erect canine penis has a brain she will naturally have no guts but she seems to have no.

And then she heard the blower of the hairdryer sound oh huo chen has washed his hair then you can see his simple big boy appearance with soft and soft hair hanging down.

Goes out he will definitely know but there is none upstairs neither inside or outside the yard could this person disappear out of thin air where did this go if this is gone.

Sent so many over here little yuan er why did qiao ran send you these things I I don t know lu yuan looked at the meaningful smile on rong yu erect canine penis s face and shook his head.

Thinking oh it s hard to do his zeal big baby is not why did ann show up again it took a lot of hard work to get erect canine penis rid of his anxiety a little bit but in the end all the.

About this bamboo horse so he went back and asked huo chen don t let this bamboo horse do things six yuan is his family I know but it s just me I think that person he is.

Pairs they are also quietly discussing this issue then one by one they were angry and shy showing sweet scenes nima s the show is not so showy this is to kill him this.

Then love is not as simple as the love between a couple he would probably kill him directly to fight huo chen or something or even he might tell his father that things.

He is big the erect canine penis baby is just scary big in fact is 20mg cialis enough to get an erection when he basically did it he didn t say much just blushing and beating gasping for breath kept him busy how can you be like huo.

Of course anything about him .

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(Best Penis Enlargement Pills) erect canine penis BeePee where to place electric nodes to make an erection How Much Is Penis Enlargement Surgery. is very important to him more important than himself heh what you have the final say in the registration of marriage you don t need to propose.

And fierce qiao ran didn t kiss huo chen at all any resistance when he returned to his senses this time he found that the two were already in the bathtub and his clothes.

To work in the company and he had to work hard to agree to the conditions for him to be with huo chen he agreed and did his best but he did it secretly say not to mention.

That s it your voice stimulates my desire even more ran ran I m sorry I can t control it anymore huo chen looked at .

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erect canine penis Viagra, Male Enhancement Pills where to place electric nodes to make an erection Rhino Sex Pills. him lying in his arms .

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erect canine penis Viagra, Male Enhancement Pills where to place electric nodes to make an erection Rhino Sex Pills. and his lips were red from his.

Felt his arm being grabbed forcefully and after a while he straddled xi yechen directly damn this posture is better than just the what happens if a woman take a viagra pill feeling of being held by him from the back.

That he was going to run away from home and live with that man he also told him to pretend to be angry and drive him away qiao ran told him frankly that he liked men and he.

Lying so he let ranran lean back on the slightly inclined stone steps this sloping arc the degree was just right he sat below but still sat on top of him so it s still the.

All day today last night I watched tv drank alcohol and then turned around and scolded me through the plot erect canine penis of the tv series and even called me scumbag I misunderstood that.

Delicious food erect canine penis was bought his darling chen chen is too good looking and charming and this is the point that he can t get angry no matter what another point is that his man.

Dared to say that he allowed it but he also dared not to do it this is in the hospital and there are others I will find out later Walgreens Male Enhancement erect canine penis fire comes what should I do could it be.

That if my son liked it he didn t find it so difficult to accept originally my son would not listen to him so it was rare to ask him to talk about this so I still hope to.

Ye why haven t you left yet qiao shenkai asked curiously looking at the assistant who had arrived a few days max fuel 72 male enhancement shooter ago he remembered that he should not have given him too much.

So he lets where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Before After huo chen clean himself huo dht male enhancement chen looked at qiao ran who was leaning against his arms with a blushing face squinting slightly and panting and a satisfied smile.

Furious but he didn t dare to be fierce to qiao ran he pursed his lips and looked at huo chen with grievance then you coax me kiss me I will consider no will not leave qiao.

What would he do if he went to the bathroom and showered forget it he doesn t care about this issue the main thing is that next he has to go out he doesn t want to live.

His hand lightly on his stomach and caressed it carefully there was joy in his eyes shining brightly his ran ran really had a little boy who belonged to the two of them.

Waste dr oz cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction of time furthermore he felt that it would be very sinful to forget that touch so you can t help but touch it huo chen can I touch it properly I wanted to touch it.

And women and men are more resistant fucking than women he didn t think about this at first but now it seems that good as for what he said about his man being rich oh he.

There was a sound and a familiar vehicle appeared in his sight of course when huo chen got out of the car he saw qiao ran who was curled up in the corner dozing off with a.

Don t get excited seeing people around him cast sideways lu yuan s face became even hotter I am today when I asked you out I planned to tell you I didn t know how to say it.

Faint glance here she was startled covered her head and shouted hard just when he thought ye han didn t hear it and was too anxious ye han appeared again and ran towards.

Qiao ran pouted in order erect canine penis to be afraid that his father still didn t understand he simply explained a few more things together the meaning of qiao shenkai was struck by.

Is there no other reaction that s why you suddenly said that you want to seduce me just want to use beauty to tempt me to let go of qiao s a smile flashed in huo chen s.

His collarbone although a band aid was attached was absolutely impossible to hide oh so annoying tsk tsk there s more people are here it s too much to show affection.

Night he kissed ranran at first but ranran was dissatisfied and insisted on kissing him back then ranran overwhelmed him and touched and kissed again the atmosphere was.

Indiscriminate for so many years I m used to being smeared it s not a day or two for me to fight against my stepmother it s normal for erect canine penis Penis Enlargement Exercises my father not to believe me the small.

Believe it but I can t help but think about it I didn t like it .

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erect canine penis

erect canine penis Male Enhancement Walmart, (Sex Pill For Men) where to place electric nodes to make an erection Penis Enlargement Cream. as for him erect canine penis I didn t say it huo chen answered qiao ran simply and clearly without any hesitation he thought.

The future li shu saw her son s face sullen his voice was also cold and he knew that he was very unhappy if it wasn t for fang s mother crying to her fang li came to her.

Mean that yes it was me who didn t think well enough I I am a man with family members this is not right my dear chen chen is jealous not because of doubt but because he.

Super villain humph he ll have to educate him later of course huo chen chuckled and after putting away the food he opened the cage and walked in sitting beside qiao ran he.

Qiao ran and he spent more time with him than huo chen he will be more gentle than huo chen and he will favor qiao ran more than huo chen over time qiao ran got used to his.

Him I really want to be flattered qiao ran took a deep breath trying to convince himself to calm down hold back hold back you have to wait for the evidence to be collected.